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Road Trip day 7-Putrajaya/Kajang/Selangor/Seremban

Last day of the road trip…

Reached Putrajaya mosque in Subuh. Subhanallah such a magnificent mosque. I had been here many times but it never fail to capture my attention.I stared in awe…everytime.(Sorry did not take any photos , too dark)

Head to Selangor and roam around then go to Kajang…

The previous attempts to eat at R & R branch of Satay Kajang has failed me miserably. The standards are way below ……

So I decided to eat at its original branch in Kajang itself where the name was borne.

Well, the satay is much better than the R &R branch but I still feel that the first time I tasted (the taxi driver recommend to us saying that the satay in this branch tasted best, indeed it was!) it was the BEST! And they have all the meat that I wanted too. Here the satay didn’t come hot and piping (as expected) and i cannot get some meat like rabbit, fish …

But okeylah, it curb my kajang “satay desires”..hehhe!

P.s: I did try finding my nasi paku again….but failed. I did changed the settings like dvpro suggested (thanks!) but ….??? SO give up…i might as well, make my own…rice +nail …hehe!



There are some bazaar going on outside the Seremban market…but no time to recce…

Head to Pandan City for last chomp-chomp..then

Home sweet home…..

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