Pastamania Singapore HALAL?

A reader informed me that probably Pastamania is going HALAL and need some confirmation. I heard nothing at the moment and the 2 websites (pastamania and MUIS) did not mention anything .Hmm…

Well, let’s wait and see….

This is interesting…

p.s: Updated 7/12/08, Harris Chai had shed some light on this matter (thanks!) . Harris, if u like Japanese food and raw oysters/cold seafood then u must try the Family international buffet..dont forget to eat some for me… hehe!

Read it at:

Another thing…
A reader told me about Malaysians frying banana fritters with plastic bottles. Well, I had heard about bawang goreng (fried shallots) that were fried with plastic straws to make them last longer. I am no fan of shallots or the onions family but when soup, u add these fried shalots, it kinda gives that extra flavour. But when i heard about that from my mum (i dunno where she get that info) for a month, we avoid bawang goreng /fried shallots and if we eat out, we request “no fried shallots please”. But then , over the time, kinda troublesome with that request, so I kinda forgets and tawakal.

To answer that question, so far, i did not see any plastic bottles being thrown in the hot wok or its remains. But normally, these pasar is held MALAM (night) so my visibility might not be as great as the day. But so far, I did not see any of that sort..but if i did, I will surely took a pic…thanks for the warning…this time, i will keep an extra eye scouting for weird objects in the hot wok…heh!

Remember my last post about rambutans? Well, the recent food scare-very RED rambutans. Well, I saw those bunch before. They were weird red, so red that Ive never seen before and i was actually scared to eat them, i dunno why (luckily i was) …So eat with precaution. Whatever u eat, check its source…if unsure, just avoid….if no choice , read some prayers/supplications before eating. (for me, I like to read surah Quraish and blow on the food).Take care…

p.s: Anyway, let me wish all Muslim readers a very..

HAPPY and BLESSED Aidil Adha .
May u get to spend the happy day with ur loved ones!

And not forgetting to doa for those who had left for the pilgrimage.
Semoga urusan mereka dipermudahkan and mereka mendapat haji mabrur and we will get to go one day. amin.

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8 thoughts on “Pastamania Singapore HALAL?”

  1. Well, Pastamania has explained that they are now waiting for confirmation from MUIS, and has since gone "No Pork, No Lard" at all its outlets at least for now. It has also mentioned that its supplies are Halal-certified as of now.

    You can see this on the FAQ section of their website. I have a small review on it too:

    By the way, your post on Family International Buffet looks awesome, I should go try soon!

  2. Salamz! My colleague called Pastamania and was told by the staff that they are halal as of 1st Dec 2008. And quite sometime ago, Berita Harian came up with an article on restaurants applying for Halal certification and Pastamania was one of them, besides Coffee Bean. Perhaps you and readers would like to wait for the Halal sign to be up cos Coffee Bean did take some time to put their Halal signs up after they had gone Halal (we got verbal declaration from their Muslim staffs before the Halal signs came up).

  3. Wow! Princess Anggun..I applaud ur initiativeness. Thank u so much in helping us shed some light in this matter.Hmm, pasta anyone? *drools

  4. Hello I'm Aida from Singapore. My dad works at MUIS and he told me that Pastamania will receive halal certification somewhere towards the end of January 2009.

  5. Wow! This topic is HOT! And so we shall wait till end of Jan. Thanks for the tip, Aida! (fresh from the source)I bet a lot of u are waiting to "Serbu" Pastamania, rite? hehhe!

  6. Salamz again! The Halal sign is up at PastaMania! I already patronized the outlet at downtown east last weekend! Putri,do go and take more pics of pastas! -Love –

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