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Midnite rendezvous…

Do u know where u can get fried banana fritters at 4am in the morning Hmm…

Want to know where? (scroll below)
Pisang goreng or Goreng Pisang? U decide…

the only pisang goreng stalls I know:

-Geylang serai temporary market
-Teh Tarek cofeeshop at Geylang/haig rd
-hjh Maimunah (geylang & arab st)
-Tekka Market
-Changi beach (beside famous ayam penyet stall)
-Bedok corner
-ABC food centre
-Tampines blk 200 plus
-Compass point Banquet
-Arab street
-woodlands centre (old bus interchange now converted to parking space)
-Yeah how could i forget KTM station?!!(thanks CT & Syikin!)I was waiting for Ramly burger when i saw new batches of fried banana fritters disappear within seconds. fyi-both coffeeshops have.
-Labrador villa park (closed. Thanks 4 informing Mr Fyz & Anonymous)
-Seah Imm hawker centre (yummy!!)

any more? *racking the brains…

Eh, if u dip pisang goreng into a thick sweet but birds eye chilli spicy soya sauce, MAMAMIA VAVAOOM! (Malaysia road side stalls, the nearest is Kotaraya Singgah Selalu restaurant JB)

Ok, How to ….

Eh, not hot meh? This is cool, I love to visit this floating market!

OUCH Owwwwww!!!!(a must see!)

Okay the answer is revealed (31.12.08)
Location: Woodlands Centre Road
(old bus interchange/previous custom check point to Johor)
time: 4am
(there were 3 coffeeshops that are still opened at this hour)

I was roaming at this area at 4am (don’t ask me why, long story…) with a friend who had deep-rooted cravings for pisang goreng/banana fritters. The cravings became wild especially nearing “Subuh” (early morning) so here we were…

This makcik stall sells some kuehs and pisang goreng. Though its not that hot but its still good. I remembered eating it piping hot once upon a time , sedap. But at least, with some hot piping teh tarek, my friend’s craving has been satisfied mildly.

I was actually surprised to see many stalls are open at this time…. Some stalls are getting ready to open too. And this area is brightly lit …. The fruits stalls are open and its wide range of fruits are cheap! There are some people waiting to board the “bus kilang” (blue malaysian factory bus).

This is really an eye-opener. Woodlands centre road, another “gerek” place to explore. And if u bring along ur passport, u can even walk to johor from here…. hehe!

fyi-I did pass by KTM but it look so dim that I assume the whole place was closed….still assuming. I wonder what time they closed….

pictures are coming up….on new year’s eve, photobucket seems to lag…

To be continued, my late night journey is not over yet…..

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13 thoughts on “Midnite rendezvous…”

  1. KTM! the railway station, that is…

    I remember heading down there past 2am and the customs and shipyard workers came here for their break and the stall at the older of the 2 eating houses were frying a fresh batch of goreng pisang for them!

    they also have this crispy savoury 'pendaram'(krepek). Which sold out often so they keep frying new batches. they have the chili on the side. all self-service so we alway try to get the best-looking piece. heh.

  2. Hey there!

    I didn't realise, KTM's food stall is open 24hours?

    It's been ages since I've been there. How's the Ramly burger there? Different or much like the ones we find in Singapore pasar malams?

    I like goreng pisangs too! =)

  3. i went to ABC on Wed to try out the kueh2 n nasi padang which was mentioned in 1 of your post.. unfortunately all the market closed.. is it under renovation again?.. so we ended up eating nasi ayam at the coffeeshop.. my fav too..

  4. Tan Tock Seng Hospital's Kopitiam – Nasi Padang stall also sells goreng pisang, epok-epok, gendang kasturi, jemput-jemput, etc.

    Last time (some years ago actually!), near Newton Hawker Centre, there were Malays selling goreng pisang. Also got lots of the 'kerak' (excess batter). Not sure if it's still there….

  5. hi putri (i hope i get yr name spelling right), i'm always full of envy reading your posts from your road trip across the border! i have heard so many hell & horror stories of car jacking n etc n i wanna ask if it is really safe there? for road trips, esp if your plate is a Singapore one as the people (or crooks) there obviously know u r a foreigner & would be a prime n obvious target for them.

    i have tried many times making my dad go on a roadtrip but he feels it is too dangerous wandering around on our ownself in a foreign land esp in your own vehicle.

    do u usually travel in a big group?

    well normally u usually hear of the bad stuffs rather than the success ones like yourself. so i'd like to know if u have any stories to share with your extensive travelling n roadtrips. i m sure there r a lot of juicy stories, tips n adventures u cld share with us! which i m very certain many of us can benefit n take pointers from! u cld do a single post on like 'A putriberendam Guide to Roadtrip across borders'! haha

    thanks putri, i hope u look into my suggestion. 🙂

    love, fiza

  6. There is a goreng pisang stall @ a coffeeshop near/beside Almukminin Mosque. They gladly give u the "crumbs" if you ask them nicely…hehehe. Those fritters are very delicious too…

  7. There is a goreng pisang stall @ a coffeeshop near/beside Almukminin Mosque. They gladly give u the "crumbs" if you ask them nicely…hehehe. Those fritters are very delicious too…

  8. Harris – I think it's slightly better than the typical night market burger Ramly in Singapore.But best eaten on the spot.But I'm not sure whether KTM food stalls are 24hours. I know they closed late.Someone here mentioned 2am….

    CT-U bet! i love those flour fritters pendaram krepeks. Celup in chilli sauce. Yum!

    Mr Fyz /Anonymous-Thanks for the tip. I had not been there 4 ages. So sad that it had to close..

    Syikin- Yeah, I love it too! But I just found out that the other coffeeshop (the potato ball stall) also sell pisang goreng.

    Mohd Hisham- I love both! 😛

    Raimie-Thanks for the refreshing new discovery!

  9. Hi Anonymous!-I was skeptical too at first when I first started out the road trips but then the "adventure side" of me is too overpowering. I just love to travel and what better ways to save costs by traveling on land instead of air , right?

    Ok first and foremost-I normally travel alone in one small car.My Malaysian friend said my 1.1lit car is "sejuk", not in demand. Orang tengok pun tak pandang. So perhaps, that eliminates the possibility of car jack. But again one never know.Need to be extra cautious too.I've got many friends with fancy cars that are afraid to go to. Perhaps u can try small distance first like maybe johor bahru night markets e.g pandan then to Melaka, then Seremban then KL…..

    The main thing is to wherever u go, "TAWAKAL" and doalah sikit (read some prayers/supplication). Someone taught me to baca Surah Yasin that particular ayat-"Waja alna…" and blow on ur car..or whatever doa u feel YAKIN (important to feel that) and leave everything to HIM, the ALmighty. Insya-Allah, all is well.Allahu alam.

    My friend pernah kena smashed the window glass becos she forgot her laptop. All else is intact such as her GPS. When she reported to nearby police station, the police had informed her that these electronics are detected by a hi-tech gadget used by thieves (detect batteries only).They just need to scan thru ur vehicles for electronics stuff. If too bulky, remove the batteries and bring along. But best bring out all ur electronics stuff.

    As for the people…
    For sure, u will get glances from others, yeah we also do when angmohs came over in our heartland, rite? Well, act blur just blend in and for sure later on, u find that they are welcoming and full of warmth.Especially when I lug around with videocamera and digital cam, for sure there will be stares but it will die down for few seconds if u ignore. If u felt cautious and "rasa diperhatikan" that u felt awkward, then they can feel it too. Perhaps, they will stare longer hehe!

    Another thing,this works 4 me-I dunno whether it works 4 others, but I try to keep a positive mind (fikir baik pasal org) then the positive vibes are welcome by others. I dunno how to actually describe it.

    Anyway, I doa that u will try it one day! Once u try, u cannot stop. Seriously. Travelling really changes people."Opens" that narrow mindness in a person.

    So these are just some mini-tips i can provide…nothing great …

    For sure,I will keep those suggestions in mind.And in the near future, who knows another blog about my road trips, perhaps…insya-Allah.

    Thanks and have a yummilicious day!

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