Letters of appreciations…

Email 1:
Assalamualaikum Putri,

My name is Hazelinda. I came upon your blog when I had exhausted all the avenues to search for something different yet halal for my egyptians clients.

Thank you so much for the enormous information that is available in your blog.

it really helps me a lot. Now whenever I had clients that requested for halal food, I just click onto your blog and voila! the search ends there.

thank you so much for all the information.

Best Regards,

Email 2:Hi Putri,

Hope you are in good health. Great to get your reply. No matter whether or not you are good in giving directions, your input is greatly appreciated. I try to make my way there, Insya Allah. Anyway, keep up the good work of maintaining your excellent blog.


Wsalam wr.wb. Thank you very much for the emails. They really make my day!

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