Jimmy Yummy Revisited

Update 2010-This eatery is no longer there.

Jimmy Yummy
21 Hougang street 51
Hougang Green Shopping Mall
Halal-certificate displayed

Hmm, craving for some homemade burgers?

Jimmy Yummy is the answer. And due to recent double-decker or sky-scraper tall burgers competition, I had an itch too! An itch to try the juicy yummy burgers (previous visit, I saw a lady eating a burger and the juice kinda oozes out of her burger on to the plate while she was munching on it..droolz)


I asked whether there is a double burger like the MEGA mac, they said dont have but they can custom-made the burger to what i want , i just need to pay double the price of single patty burger. But I changed my mind when I saw many types of burger.

We tried the cheesy burger (the staff recommend when I ask its popular item), the mango burger (same beef patty plus mango slice , also have hawaiian version replace mango with pineapple slice) and teriyaki chicken burger.

Tropical burger -Mango burger

All tasted GOOD. It came hot and piping. AS u take a mouthful of the burger,the beef patty kinda disintegrates in ur mouth…moist and shiok!Very 100% fresh meat with no other ingredients empowering its natural taste. U can taste it. Sometimes, beef patty, u can taste the other ingredients like flour, preservatives or glue (??!!) or something which envelops the real flavour from being discovered. But it’s juice wasnt as moist/droolz as that other customer I saw in my previous visit. hmm, I wonder what did she ordered, perhaps “EXTRA extra juicy mushy MOISTy burger?” hehe!.

I like the teriyaki burger more. When they asked whether I wanted chicken burger, I was like..chicken? I dont think it will taste good but I was wrong. This tasted yummy, Jimmy (whoever u are). The chicken fillet is tender and juicy and the teriyaki sauce adds a dash of tantalizing flavour to it! Tickling my tastebuds..I like!



The servings is not that big nor small, just nice. And the price range is from $2-$4 per burger. Quite cheap actually. Just need to wait about 5mins for the food. Opens till 12 midnight.

Dont forget to taste its ICE MANGO for dessert!


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p.s: If u are wondering where is the cheese burger pic? Sorry, it went into the tummy before I could grab my digicam in the bag…I was multitastking u see..hehhe!

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  1. Cradle to Cradle Studio

    I winder where this jimmy yummy has moved to? I really missed thier rosti. Now this restaurant is replaced by Uncle Toni's. Still not bad.

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