Eidul adha is nearing…

Hari Raya Haji is nearing soon and today our class had a mini discussion about “daging korban” .

I wasnt actively participating but I listen attentively to the part that “Singaporeans throw the leftovers away whereas other poorer countries made use of every single part of the korban meat (e.g head, skin, intestines and other spareparts) and none is wasted.

Is it true? (I wouldnt mind spareparts or the head of the goat/sheep ..give me…book for me..or deliver to me..pleeease or perhaps I should muster my courage and asked the pakcik there “Err, Pak..Cik, ader kepala kambing tak? Kalau takder apa2 pun bolehlah..yang belen-belen tuh sumer….hee” *smile sheepishly )

Anyway,my teacher and classmates further suggested that if only there is a company or organisation that will collect all the parts and freeze them , canned them or something and then shipped to other countries that will make use of it. Dont waste….

I wonder whether its true …..I hope there is such organisation that will handle the leftovers so that we dont waste any food. But then again, give leftovers to them?hmm….

I know that some countries in Europe, the korban meat are slaughtered and then immediately sent for canning and then give to poorer countries. We cannot see the “live” slaughtering (unlike in Singapore) because it is done only in abatoirs/slaughterhouse which are situated very far away .

For me, I normally did my aqiqah /korban for my family …in Indonesia or other poorer countries.

To each its own…

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