Chewy Junior !!!

Updated: Chewy Junior is already Halal-certified.Always ensure Halal certificate is being displayed and its expiry date. Thank you.

Previously, a reader (thanks Anonymous!) wrote in to inform me about this CHEWY JUNIOR. An alternative to donuts. Have not tried it though. It was said to be like rotimama/papa + fresh cream and similar to donuts. I think its similar to beard papa’s fresh creamy thingy.

I tried finding the name in MUIS HALAL website but unable to .And so I wrote in asking whether it is HALAL, this is the reply:


Thank you for your enquiry.

Bugis Junction B1-12 is halal certified since July 2008.

Tiong Bahru Plaza B1-09A is halal certified from 28 Oct 2008.

Northpoint B1-21/22 newly opened on 22 Oct and in the process of Halal

Jurong West Blk 959 Coffeshop – Chewy Delights
Not yet certified halal but is free from pork and lard.

Thank you for all your support.


Danny Tan

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