Tico is LIFE!

If u watched Ugly Betty season 3, u will see a familiar fruit being the main story in this episode. One of the model “Adrianan Lima” said that “Tico berry ( fictitious name) is one wonder fruit that make her the way she is today, her beauty ,flawless skin everything..”

Read about the episode here:


Though it’s just another episode of Ugly betty , the whole thing might be fictatious but I wonder whether there is some truth in that?

Wanna know what fruit is TICO BERRY?

It’s actually…

the humble but hairy rambutans!!!!



SO can detox with Rambutan huh? I just need someone to peel them for me (in bulks) and then put inside refrigerator. Eat shiok….when its cool. Hubby darling, how bout it? heheh!

Eh, guess who else is a fan of RAMBUTAN?Perhaps that is his “secret ingredient” to his winning…or perhaps youthful outlook…hmm.


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