Nasi Paku, here i come!!!

Updated: 17th october 2008

I circled this area and round and round but cannot get any glimpse of this stall even the people in that vicinity, perhaps they had moved, or I got the wrong info?

Oops,dvpro (Thks!) has corrected me.. the co-ord given by wimapia is NOT wrong.(I’m the one who got it wrong..the GPS newbie hee! *sigh”should have consulted the GPS “guru” before I went..) But anyway, not knowing that the co-ord is right (and that I need to adjust some settings) i surf the net thru my phone and got the info that the stall is behind Dataran Maybank and beside indian muslim restaurant “Fatimah” .

I had located the indian muslim stall behind dataran but still there isnt such stall that sells ayam kampung or nasi paku. Oh well… never mind…my disappointment was replaced by OTAI burger, want to know more? Keep reading this blog for updates!

p.s: The nasi Ganja sure is YUMMY but…. (*suspense)

I am going outstation again in the neighbouring countries. And so I aim to attack this speciality “NAIL RICE” which was a popular dish in Kelantan (30yrs ago).

But I’m targetting the famous one at:

Coordinates: 3°7’40″N 101°40’39″E
Restoran Din Larin,
1, Jalan Bangsar Utama 3 (Behind Malayan Banking),
Bangsar Utama, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 017-3537 704
Opening hours: 8am till midnight.
Closed on Sundays.

Read on…

So wish me luck….
and do continue feeding this blog with ur yummilicious comments!

p.s: Perhaps along the way, I can stop over for Nasi Ganja (a famous nasi kandar eatery in Ipoh which is so addictive that they nickname it “Cannabis rice”) hmm…
(Coordinates: 4°35’33″N 101°5’4″E )

and perhaps medan ikan bakar /fresh seafood at Perlis


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