Missed me??

Well, I had reached home today with lots of yummy photos and a full bulging tummy.

Read with full interest about the NEW paper on the white tiger incident (innalillahi wainnalillahi rojiuun -Al-Fateha to the victim (Mr Nordin from Sarawak and takziah to his family). I had visited the white tigers during the past holidays. They were quite majestic and seems to be prowling here and there. I think one of the tiger is male and its name is OMAR whereas the other two are female and have english names, I think.

Hmm… kinda sad..

I was the one anxious about meeting tigers during my road trips on those nights , thru densely forested and jungle areas…in Malaysia but yet, Singapore was the dangerous one…such irony.

Anyway..I missed BLOGGING…


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