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When I first saw this in Malaysia, I think few months back (perhasp early thisyear) I was like “WOW!” but then after I ordered it, I took a peek, and see that the thickness of the meat patties seems to be thinner. So like no difference.

This time, I check again…luckily the meat patty is slightly thicker…..

Tastewise-Nothing special really. Perhaps I had my fair share of BIG MACS in my crew days….toast the buns, add the seasonings, grill those patties and wrap it up and when I go on break, I eat ALL of them! hee…

I rather eat my WHOPPER, double WHOPPER, anyone?

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2 thoughts on “MEGA MAC!!!”

  1. few wks ago i had the mega mcspicy & it wasn't juicy.

    as i'm a big fan of mcspicy burger, so i had the normal burger last wk…and i find tat (and i duno why)mcspicy isn't juicy anymore. haiz….

  2. Hmm, I was thinking of trying out Mega McSpicy . I like Mc SPicy too (great minds!)and I thought double would be great but knowing ur disappointment, I think I'll give it a pass..for now.

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