Mee Kuah in a SAMPAN?!!

I overheard those words in my family conversation today and that brought a twinkle in my eye.

They were amused that I did not read the recent NEW PAPER :,4139,176165,00.html

Then they further joked “How can Putri not know about this? We thought she is the MAKAN QUEEN??” hehehe….not really…I dont really know everything about the MAKAN world. There are much better floggers out there…seriously. Sometimes my tongue also go hay-wire hehe!

Anyway, I went straight to my laptop and did some research on the net. I think this is BEDOK corner hawker centre, right?

Anyone tried this MEE KUAH in a SAMPAN (the opeh leaf as a boat)??Feel free to voice out ur views here!

Thank you!

p.s: But i remember eating mee goreng in opeh leaf when I was very ,very young…

but I prefer Mee Kuah in a motor-boat …..much faster….*lol

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3 thoughts on “Mee Kuah in a SAMPAN?!!”

  1. the mee kuah in sampan – tasted quite normal actually. they used daun opeh and formed it in a square shape and place the noodles in. seafood with egg. similiar to mee bandung

  2. Melayudilondon- Err..too late. I’ve tasted it.hehe!

    Anonymous-Anyway, u are right, it tasted more like mee bandung and lots of tangy chilli sauce combined which is more of a Thai origin than typical indian mee kuah.

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