Kim’s seafood HALAL

Updated 24th nov 20008!

I’ve TRIED IT!!! Indeed the noodles are very yummy in terms of the rich prawn base/broth that are used for cooking this noodles. U can taste it in every strand of its noodles. But its not as “char” (the blacky charcoaled taste) as i wanted it to be. Cause most hokkien mee that I tasted normally has that taste but its delicious.

I was in Eastern area when i saw a van whizzed by with HALAL logo. It’s name state “KIM’s SEAFOOD”. I did my research and found out that I was there only that I did not notice. I was there during breakfast. But anyway, read on what they say about this seafood:
(Specialty is oyster prawn mee)

To know more about its specialty and its venue, click below:

So Tampines, me a favour and try it! (Long queues are expected or number tags).
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