“Jet-lagged” and exam blues..

After a whole week of road trip, I still feel lethargic kinda like “jet-lagged” but this is more of “car-lagged” and all that late night revisions were making my head spin. Alhamdulillah, I’ve just finished my exam today.

Then I rummaged thru the pics taken during the road trip. Couldn’t make any head or tail out of it. Dont even know where to start…Hmm….

Anyway, bear with me for a while..perhaps…in few days time or perhaps next week, insya-Allah. I will post the food pics in Langkawi, Perlis, Padang Besar (thailand)…….

Now its time to Zzzz…..


p.s: Any new HALAL places recently? Feel free to voice it out!

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