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Donut empire is HALAL?

Yeah I saw it at Causeway point. I even see the HALAL certificate being displayed. Wanted to ty but just had my dinner.

So insya-Allah, Will try one day.

Has anyone tried? Comments please….

p.s: A reader felt that I did not make effort to answer/reply to the comments given by readers.I may not have the time to answer/reply to all ur comments but I REALLY tried my best to answer some thru my postings (like this one about Donut empire) or directly to ur email. Dont assume that I did not make the effort to reply.

Thank you.I’ve received many comments and requests in my emails for the past year.

To those who commented on my blog, thank u too! (My blogskin is one whereby I cannot see where the comments come from for which post, so when I allow it to be published, I need to view my own blog to see where the comments come from and view it one by one and if too many at one time like thew other day is 12, I might not get to see it at all because maximum published is 10 AT ONE TIME.So bear with me..)

And there was a time , I had this chat box, very free and easy to use and I find it easy to reply but some readers abuse it..and when Im too friendly, some took how?

But anyway, thank you very much for all positive and negative remarks/comments .This is to aid in improving this blog. That is great! I learn something new everyday.

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6 thoughts on “Donut empire is HALAL?”

  1. Donut Empire was formerly known as Munchy Donuts.

    THeir donuts are a little too sweet for me but the varietes are worth checking out. Anything chocolate works for me but the cinnamon and spicy cheese is something new.

  2. Donut Empire is FAB! I love silly-mon, it's a mixture of cinnamon & chocolate, their oreo flavoured donuts are also delicious. I honestly think these donuts are better than donut factory or jco

  3. I find these donuts are too sweet.Tried several times,bouht it from Causeway point.

    I still miss Dunkin Donut,apparently have to get it from Angsana JB.

  4. Anonymous-The chewyjunior is very yummy looking.Drooling while surfing..
    CT-Hmm…I’ve tasted Munchy Donut. It is light and I had to agree with Anonymous, sometimes its too sweet.
    As for the Dunkin donuts-they are my FAVOURITES! My favourite branch is LARKIN bus terminal. Their choc pudding is really filled to the brim.Yumm…They do have dunkin donuts in Singapore, but more to delivery and not HALAL *sad

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