Congee,teochew porridge and bubur?

What’s the difference anyway? (A reader asked me to explain)

I will try my best….

My humble opinion is that Congee is thick and gooey . It is cooked till the rice is almost disintegrate. Teochew porridge is just steamed rice and hot boiling water poured on it with side dishes.

For me, typical Malay porridge aka BUBUR is semi-thick , almost like congee but its not. Often, its a one meal because there isnt any side dishes. The meat and vegetables are normally cooked in it.

There are many kinds of bubur. Sweet savoury dessert (e.g green beans dessert aka bubur kacang hijau/bubur chacha) or those rice porridge. Normally malay porridge often found in Singapore are Chicken porridge (those found in chicken rice stalls) or Soto bubur (porridge in soto broth) or the infamous Bubur lambuk (with lots of vegetables, meat, chicken, spices and a hint of coconut milk are often given out free during Ramadhan months)

Oh and not forgetting,the malay kampung porridge with side dishes like kangkung, ikan bilis, saltish duck eggs…almost similar to teochew porridge.(Im not sure whether this is a new addition or perhaps the kampung people really ate this)

So that is my humble explanation of the porridge family.

So chicken porridge for the soul ,anyone?

Feel free to pen down ur recommendations /comments on ur favourite porridge stalls….

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