Chicken rice-sambal style!

I read with great interest about a reader’s favourite “Nasi Ayam sambal” in the comments section. it was said that the level of satisfaction had dropped. I have never tried Nasi Ayam Sambal, never. I prefer to order basic chicken rice unless it was greatly recommended e.g black pepper chicken rice, lemon chicken rice…

Chicken rice and Thai muslim food
Seah Imm Hawker centre
(opp Vivocity/harbour front MRT)

And so here I am…

I have no prior experience. So taste at my own RISK!

Different packaging (Again?!)

Sambal chicken rice

Typical chicken rice

I find that the sambal is not bad, quite nice especially when u having the FLU…(heheh!) Then drink ice teh o limau (tea with lime calamansi)..phew! Sweating , man….

Quite interesting…thank you Nessie for bringing this up!

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