The Royals…

The Royals
Square 2 (novena MRT station)
Level 4 (facing the fork and spoon food court)
(OTher HALAL branches)

I think their pies are either popular or they bake too little because by 5pm, I was left with a box of 5 mushroom chicken and 1 teriyaki pie.

I like the light tiramisu cake with a slight cofee taste, chicken mushroom mini pies. The crust aint so flaky or light. But the flavour is just nice. Blueberry cheesecake is very fragrant and is much denser than Secret recipe thus the small size is just nice (not jerlak/muak) but I prefer Secret recipe’s blueberry cheesecake.And the teriyaki chicken pie tasted more like “ayam masak kicap/keitjap” (chicken cooked in sweet soya sauce) which I dont really fancy. I was really expecting Japanese Teriyaki flavour.

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p.s: Err..I dont think skittles is HALAL so ignore the top right logo. This is the only one slideshow that accentuates the pic even more….in fact, I like the part where they will zoom into the cakes, mmm…craving for it again…

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