Tenderbest FRIED chicken (Taman Jurong branch)

Tenderbest branch at Taman Jurong shopping centre

The hot and piping fries and fried bun is separately packed. Generous.

Fries and fried bun

This is extra crunch fried spring chicken. Smaller than usual but satisfying at $8. They fry only when order. I saw the man coated the chicken and fry upon receiving our order.

Fried Spring chicken

Malay stall

The above stall is closed but the signage is appetizing showing the fried banana fritters at only $0.40!

This Indian muslim food stall is popular! I saw many indians queing up. Non-stop order of murtabak, dosai, kothu prata/chopped prata….

2 more muslims stalls

Dont forget to order their teh (tea with milk) I seldom order teh with chinese kopitiam but this one wah! So fragrant….so shiok… (I saw many drink, so i follow suitlah!) Coffee also not bad…

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  1. Hi, there is another shop that I like to recommend u at blk 399 Taman Jurong. The shop is perpendicular to the western food. It sells mee rebus, lontong, mee siam at $2 only. Check it out! The lontong is my fav…

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