Taman Jurong food centre

My Place Seafood

My Place Seafood

Taman Jurong Shopping centre

Fork and Spoon food court



Sambal Sotong -Yummy!With lots of fresh veggies and tomatoes.Sotong is nicely done and not rubbery.Love the sambal.

Sambal sotong

Sambal KICK! This is extra sambal given . SHIOK eaten with hot piping rice. Mamamia!

Sambal kick!

This is one hot plate beancurd that has lots of things inside e.g chicken, cured cuttlefish, veggies,prawns, beancurd…. worth every penny $10!

Hotplate beancurd

Trying out photobucket again and as u can see the food pics are ENORMOUS! (Love this size! Will try out other sizes later on) YUM!

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2 thoughts on “Taman Jurong food centre”

  1. drooolinggg.. thanks for sharing.. now can look forward to go jurong for foods.. lau tidak tak tahu mana nak cari makan kat sana..

  2. a’way i always go Bukit Batok st 11, blk 134.. coffeshop wif all malay stalls.. mcm2 ada.. not sure if u ever go there.. just sharing wif u..

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