Simpang Bedok revisited

Met my galfrends and we went to Simpang Bedok for late dinner (or is it supper?). Ordered fries , roti john and kacang pool. AS usual, the roti john is a hot favourite. This is my first time tasting the kacang pool here. Wanted to taste the leg of lamb but need to wait for 30mins (dunno can tahan or not) so I give it a miss.


Well, the kacang pool (broad beans) is quite filling. I think 2 person can share.Very big serving (Cost about $4+)And it is quite spicy…seriously this is the spiciest kacang pool ever!!! yum!


The fries are ok, the roti john as usual is yummy with all the colourful sauces.


But make sure u are very hungry before coming here. The servings are GENEROUSLY BIG!

WE peek at our neighbour’s orders. WOW! THe ice-cream prata looked YUMMY! And its BIG!! heheh! (Felt like going over and ask “Can i have a spoonful taste of it?”)

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p.s: Got to watch out, I do not want to gain back the weight I lost during Ramadhan. hehhe! As for the shawarma pita (kebab) stated in the receipt, that is in a “doggie bag”.(ta-pow)

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2 thoughts on “Simpang Bedok revisited”

  1. hey Putri!
    nice of u to drop by n hey, i've been to ur site recently cos my cuzzin(user:atiqaa) said u r her inspiration for checkin out new makan places… n indeed kewl buncha places u've been to (i've not been to most of the places u feature-rub hands together for more food adventure in future-), in the search of Halal food! KUDOS!

    ouh btw thanx for linkin my lil review to ur site 🙂

  2. i was there a few months ago. in my opinion, service and food standards have dropped. perhaps u cld pay them another visit n do a new review?thks!

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