Rex Hainan chicken rice & Beef kway teow (taman Jurong)

Taman Jurong food centre (opp. Taman Jurong shopping cente)
(Previously known as Yung Seng food centre)
Coordinates: 1°20’4″N 103°43’17″E from wikimapia
Map?? Click here to know the exact location.

REX chicken rice

Still in Taman Jurong, I was searching for the Kintamani (perhaps that is the same restaurant as the one in the Apollo Hotel)Anyway, third floor, there is famous REX chicken rice.
As the signboard sugggested, I ordered the beef kway teow basah/with gravy (can opt for dry version) and since the white chicken rice is so popular, they ran out,so we tried the normal chicken rice.


Both are good! I love the beef kway teow….YUMMY! Popular too since many ta-powed home the beef kway teow. If u cannot see the HALAL-certificate, it is on the right, hidden at the side wall.

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  1. hello there! i’m looking for Kintamani myself, but to no avail. I’m quite sure it’s not the one at Apollo hotel haha.


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