Putri n GPS n POIs

It’s been a long time since I heard from this regular reader of the blog “Don Sadus” and his GOOD recommendations (where have u been?) Anyway, it was suggested that I use GPS.(gd one!) Hmm….

The truth is, I’ve been using the GARMIN Nuvi 200 for a year plus now. And I had submitted some places in Malsingmap to gain latest map (heh!) and they requested that I did a top 10 or as much halal stalls co-ordinates as possible so that they can compile in malsingmap.(niat nak buat tapi tak sampai)

Furthermore, I was getting outstation projects at that moment so I had to let go…(The one taking my time, is inputting the co-ords in mapsource and then save and then compile the forum msg with pictures and co-ords and info about the eatery. i think i need n assistant for that!)

The GPS has been a GREAT help! Malsingmap is a great HELP too!)Without it, I wont be able to recce the whole of Malaysia and border of Thailand. But …

I think its because mine is the cheapest one* (or it could be I’m GPS illiterate) whenever (if I remember) I add the POI co-ordinates, if too many, I cannot retrieve it back later.

*(that time I bought for $500+ now u can get for $299 in Sim Lim Sq, AGIS map packard bell brand can get at Carrefour for $239 and $199 Best Denki f0r DAUF GPS(unknown map/the sales person dunno)

Because along the way, under “Recently Found”, it will be replaced with latest POIs that I add (n its many when u travel) and even as I saved the points, I had to search profusely for it but sometimes in vain. So I have to stop at the place , then check garmin for its co-ord and then jot down in a piece of paper.(if I remember, normally in my excitedess in finding new stalls, I will forget)

Anyway, i am a bit clumsy with the GPS co-ord, there was a time, one of the forumer told me that I put the co-ord of the stall on the road. (they want specific) thus I gave up. Cos it took me few hours to add those 2-3 stalls and actually type in the forum with details (they wants detailed info before I can submit) and since it is so time consuming, I err…. left it hanging..

But am still using it….the GPS.

Perhaps, I should slow down….

Ok will try again to input the co-ord….(but pardon me if the co-ord is on the road, or someone’s house or dumping ground whatever…I will try to put in the nearest co-ord so u just look around…heheh!)

Another way, I can bring it along and then in the eatery, I just find the co-ord. Hmm…

I need a tutorial!!!

For the good of “all HALAL food lovers”, Insya-Allah, I will try & do it! (hehe!)
Just bear with me….and my clumsiness with the GPS n its co-ords. (If u understand wat I’m talking about in the above section, that’s good, if not just zoom into other food sections)

But errr…I’m not going to backtracked the previous food locations that I’ve done (too many!!) So I’ m going to do for future (insya-Allah) and if I revisited a certain place then that will be bonus..

Yahfiq: U r right. That place is another food haven.
I know about that place ages ago. But nak pergi macam bercinta. always packers….Last time, I used to frequent that area for HABIB steamboat buffet (sekarang takder) I think perhaps 10 years ago? hehhe…I know the food there is GEREK! Thanks! Will consider again…

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