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Sorry did not get the name of the stall (but Don said its POWER ROJAK bandung stall thks!), this is the same row as the famous ROJAK stall (facing the carpark) The stall sells char kuey bakar, rojak petis and all that. My makan kaki orderd this egg century porridge (bubur telur hitam) similar to congee. But it has a cili padi black sauce that is POWERFUL!

Teh Tarek/ Teh Sarbat GAJAH (elephant) is a larger size than typical coffeeshop mug.

Goat's tongue soup

Ordered this mutton tongue soup @ stall 58 (A. RAshid Khan.), chewy, semi-thick mutton broth. Nice…$5 is a bit costly. Normally I would order at Haig Road hawker centre for $3.50….This is the next best thing other than my favourite Mutton tendon soup (urat) but only available at Malaysia.

BBQ stingray @ Ayer rajah

One of favourite stingray sambal. West coast seafood stall. (behind) The sambal is thick, not so sweet, nice reddish sambal. The cook is chinese woman but the sambal is like malay makcik kind of sambal. Previously $8 , now $10 for a small fish but still as good! (Halal-certificate displayed)

Another favourite is roti john (@ mee siam stall)
Oh well, that is another story, another time…

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7 thoughts on “Porridge @ Ayer Rajah Food Centre”

  1. The Porridge must be from the “Power Rojak Bandung” Stall.
    Have u tried the Rojak Bandung???!
    Powerfully Spicy…~! Nice!

  2. Assalamualaikum…

    Hi there…

    I came across ur blog while i was blog-surfing for food.
    First thing, it is an excellent blog. The best when it comes to halal food.
    I am a Singaporean who is currently studying in New Zealand and I havnt been back for almost a year.
    After reading your blog i cant wait to return back to Singapore and go on a food rampage, with moderation of course.
    Anyway, keep up the excellent work. Love all the reviews and the pictures taken. It is definitely in my bookmark.


  3. Hey peeps and our sista, the Food GURU…enlighten me, any difference porridge and congee. How are they differently prepared. Style? Ingredient? Bubur is just bubur rite? other than bubur masjid, lambuk, asyura, etc?…

  4. yes..! this is my favourite stall in ARFC.

    I live in bedok and can travel ALL the way there just to have their bubor set (w. century egg).

    their rojak bandung is not bad too!

    oh, where u r there, do try the indian mee siam from the stall directly behind this bubor stall. still retains the authentic taste! like shenton way in olden days, my dad say.

  5. Yes.. the Ikan pari soo power.. shiok.
    I love the Roti John cheese.. the roti very crispy. Serve hot with the sauce.. wooww.. then the mee siam.. mamak style.. fuh.. i never taste mee siam as good as this before.. simply delicious

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