One of my favourite BRIYANI…

Where can u go and eat Indian Muslim food between 6am till 1am?

This is the place…
Co-ords of Ayer rajah fc

Fatimah Muslim Food
Blk 85 hawker centre Red hill Lane
(beside blk 79 market/near Ar-Rabitah mosque/redhill mrt)
open: 6am-1am (everyday)

fatimah muslim food

It is like a “comfy food” for me because it has not disappoint me. So far, everytime, I eat here, I felt satisfied and feel good. So on the Deepavali holiday, I went here for some mutton briyani. (11am onwards) Wanted to choose chicken briyani but had to wait. I had both fried chicken briyani and mutton briyani previously. They are both equally good!

Briyani fiesta

I like this briyani rice because not only its fragrant, its just the right amount for 1 person (normally in other stalls, I need to share a briyani with someone) and the curry and the mutton meat is quite generous and all goes harmoniously well. It kinda do a little “banghra dance” in ur mouth.

fragrant briyani rice
thick succulent mutton curry

As for the prata, I like the soft egg prata. And if u want the, to “shred” it for u, they will do it willingly.Some “pratas-kaki ” would order for the prata to be shredded and then ask for the curry gravy to be poured on the prata and let it soaked.(no need to wash additional plates) In fact, they shred for my kid voluntarily because they saw me shredding it into pieces for them to eat..(it was soft, hot and piping that my kid ask for second helpings!) hehe!good service..

Soft egg prata with curry
p.s: Don’t forget to taste the Mee Siam at a nearby stall (morning only!)

When I finished the meal, I did not feel that heavy. Just nice, just right…..

mutton briyani soaking goood!

So when I do not know what to eat, its best to go back to ur basics…to ur “comfy food”. That is what I did for this week…

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4 thoughts on “One of my favourite BRIYANI…”

  1. Hi Putri, if you happen to be in Tanglin Halt vicity check out "Tanglin Halt Prata". It is nect to the market. Morning they sell prata after 11 Am they sell Bryani and Inidan curry rice. You won't be able to miss it because there's always a Q. The fish curry is so sedap.

  2. I tried yesterday during lunch time. Place very pack during lunch. I tried mutton briyani. Trully one of the best briyani i ever tried. Maybe beat Allaudin . The rice is fragrant and not too oily. You can just eat the rice by itself , so shiok already. The curry was fantastic. I even thought of tow paw for dinner since so sedap. If the place in the east where i stay , i will definitely make it a weekly trip. The mee grg also power . I saw the Malay couple beside me , tambah and tambah the briyani rice.

  3. Pak Usu, thanks for the tip! It's a hidden gem! I've forgotten to ask for the fish curry. The dhal is already yummy, i think fish curry must be FANTABULOUS!

    Anonymous-Glad u like it! U mean, can tambah nasi? Hmm…next round..hee!

  4. hi putri, been following your blog ever since long time ago! Thanks for the wonderful hidden places you've found! (:

    Talking about Nasi briyani, i'm not sure if you tried the ones at North Point foodcourt at Yishun. I hope it's still there cos the last time I went was like 1 year ago. But everytime I went there, the queue, masya-Allah, very long lah. And the servings are very big too. I always shared with 2 people.

    Hope this might bring you to another makan place. (:

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