National University Hospital

There are supposed to be 6 eateries here but I can only find 4. They are 2 Kopitiam food court(main building and kent ridge wing 2).

1)Kopitiam on Le Patio, Level 3
6.30am to 10.30pm daily

2)Greenhouse Cafe, Level 3,
South Entrance
Mondays to Saturdays : 9.00am to 9.00pm
Sundays : 9.00am to 4.30pm

3)Kopitiam Food Court, Level 1
24 hours daily

4)NUH staff canteen

5) Delifrance (main building)
beside kopitiam level 1

6)Prima Deli (Kent ridge wing)
in kopitiam level 3

The first Kopitiam food court, I went to kent ridge wing 2. Not many people. I saw 2 Malay food stalls. 1 is Yong Tahu food stall with HALAL certificate. The one beside it sells Malay food and chicken rice . No HALAL cert, so I asked the man who has an indonesian slang. He said the food is HALAL and the owner is malay muslim.


Then there is another stall with malay name: Hongkong makanan laut (Hongkong seafood). I asked the man again, he said that one is supposed to be HALAL but not sure. Not opened at the moment and so I cannot interview the staff.


Okay I looked at the yong taufu stall, the menu looked appetizing but the yong tahu items seems limited. The kopitiam is almost empty too.


So ordered white chicken rice and tahu goreng. The chicken rice tasted like steamed chicken I cook myself (not like the chinese version). Tasted alright. I like the soup , perhaps the mee soto would be yummy!


The tahu goreng tasted more like peanut buttery kinda paste. The tahu and taugeh is fresh . If only the gravy is not so smooth but crunchier and the taste is not there (a bit bland perhaps in hospital, they need to limit certain ingredients?). Overall is ok.


There is Prima Deli but its closed. Perhaps it is closed on Sundays.



Then we head to the main building Kopitiam. Tried the nasi padang there. There is HALAL certificate. Chose soft beancurd, sweet sour fish (very sweet) and ikan bulu ayam (i think that is the name. It is tasteless, normally fried very crisply and then cook in sweet sambal)


Saw the indian food, no HALAL cert and there is no indication that it is HALAL,so I give it a miss. Photobucket

Then at the corner of my eye as I saw Delifrance ,then I saw HALAL HARA tim sum steamed buns opposite it! I think there is something HALAL in that corner. I went to that corner which is hidden to the naked eye.


I saw that there are varieties of food from steamed buns to nasi lemak to kueh pie tee to cuttlefish kangkung…. I saw the pamphlets and card show the HALAL logo but I cannot see the HALAL cert at the premise,so I asked the staff.The malay man said the HALAL cert is not there yet. (So just wait for that cert and go to that “hidden corner” for some pie tees)

Photobucket Photobucket

Overall, I find it interesting to venture this place.

And I see many vending machinese…. there are yoghurt and milk vending machinese, mini melts ice-cream vending machinese (non-Halal), hot sandwiches vending machinese (HALAL and tasted alright) …..but still cannot beat Japan/Korea vending machine. U can even buy fresh fish (and its still alive) from one! (I saw on tv) Creative….innovations..


And I like the toilets, u can press the button if u find the toilet not in satisfactory condition, u can press to call the housekeeper to do something about it. So professional…


Anyway, u can read more about the food here from other blogger (halal/non-halal):

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