KOBE and WAGYU beef

How many of u have heard about Kobe and Wagyu beef?

Have u watched Japan’s hour or any other program and see the yummilicious looking beef being grilled ? Ive drooled many times….

Recently, I browse thru many forums and realised that not many knew about these beef. I was quite ignorant too. For those who love to go to Malaysia for food (like me!) , u need to know these too.

SO let me share with u what I had learnt:

Kobe beef picture:

“In accordance with popular belief, the cattle are fed sake and beer, and they are massaged and brushed for setting fur and fed on grain fodder. ” .. from wikipedia (click here to read the whole info)

There was one time, I was so enthusiastic to find out about these beef not knowing they are fed with alcoholic beverages and are brushed with sake. And it’s difficult to find one with HALAL cert so then I wiki it and found out why.

WAGYU beef

“Because of Japan’s rugged terrain and isolated areas, different breeding and feeding techniques were used such as massaging or adding beer or sake to their feeding regimen..” (wikipedia)

So be careful of what goes into ur tummy….

Though Malaysia is a food haven, I need to be careful of what I eat too (normally my guard is down).I need to ensure that either they have HALAL certs or are muslim owned. But most probably those BIG american /fast-food restaurants e.g TGIF (most probably they dont have HALAL cert because they sell liquor but the staff will tell u the food is HALAL (true but some have food with liquor in it..) Thank you for reminding me(Thks Serene!)

But latest info I received (june 2009) thru coffeeshop talks is that if the wagyu beef is from Muslims farms in Japan, it is possible for it to be HALAL,cos the cows were fed with protein and also massages are given to them too but no alcohol is included. So whatever it is, find out what you are eating first before u put that into ur mouth, ok?

Kinda vague, I need to research more on these. Unless, there is a muslim farmer in Japan that offers wagyu beef, do contact me..I really need to find out about these. How about a farm visit? *excited

So if u see my postings about places that are not HALAL in Malaysia or aywhere else. I am sorry. I am just human and I do make mistakes.But remember, always ensure that there is a HALAL certificate being displayed before u put the food into ur mouth or do ur own research first before consuming. Your body, your responsibility. If I made mistakes, inform me. It is very important that we Muslims ensure our food is 100% halal.

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7 thoughts on “KOBE and WAGYU beef”

  1. Hi Anonymous! Carousel have wagyu beef? Hmm…very puzzling. Need to research more…

    Hi Azwan! Is the wagyu beef HALAL? *puzzled. I need someone to clarify..Cos from my post, I thought Wagyu beef is fed with sake and alcoholic stuff..so please enlighten me, thanks!

  2. hmmm i looked online and it seems to say that australian wagyu beef can be halal as its not raised in the same way. the ritz carlton in KL has a halal wagyu steak.

  3. On wagyu beef, I take a more pragmatic approach on the question of it's halalness. Just because it's fed with sake or beer doesn't make it haram. Of course the cow has to be slaughtered according to Islamic rite. I did ask this question to an Islamic scholar and he made this parallel. A farmer would use pig dung to fertilize his papaya. Would the papaya fruits be haram? Of course not.

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