from flogger to bogus officer?

Recently, I made a point to snap HALAL certificates as I move across Singapore to capture yummy flavours of Singapore HALAL food scene. But then, I noticed the stiff looks given by the workers as I snap their HALAL certs.

No one dare to ask me nor they dare to comment. Normally, if I snap pics of food, they would be friendly and ask me where I’m from and all that. But this time, it was more like fear….err….hmm…am I doing the right thing? I wouldnt want to be caught impersonating an HALAL officer, rite?

Putri in Dilemma…..

p.s; And i realised some stalls that I’ve featured in 2007 and had somehow “neglected” them (no time/tummy to visit), they closed shop. Err…is this just a coincidence? (e.g Chai chee noodles @ IMM-my abalone noodles , JJ western food@ commonwealth… miss my Ramly burger! and I’m still searching for Lor Mee and beef noodles-2 Lor mee and beef noodles stalls has closed shop, any new ones? )

But I know of a friend who had bad luck following her and whatever country that she wishes to visit, that country will have a major incident/misadventure/disaster before or after she visit that country..perhaps that is a coincidence too…but I make sure I will try to avoid the country that she wants to visit heheh! Oh, Marrakech… when will I visit you?

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