Favourite Malay chicken RICE is HERE!

whampoa/st micheal’s bus interchange
(near Rahimahbi mosque/NKF)
In a chinese coffeeshop beside blk 77 lorong Limau

The sign below is right in front of the coffeeshop

Tasted this chicken rice 2 years ago but I have not forgotten its yummy flavour eversince.

I found this stall near Rahimahbi Mosque (near NKF, near whampoa)Opens daily 9am (except tuesday and sunday)and I think they close early afternoon because I was there around 4+pm and they were wiped cleaned!The stall is manned by 2 male . They said that men are better chefs, is it true? Hmm…

And don’t forget to order the fried “hati and hempedal” (chicken liver and gizzard).It wasnt ready when I ordered the chicken rice but I wont go without it. A customer came and wanted to wait for the fried chicken liver (I cannot wait any longer). It was marinated in spices and fried like those old generation malay makciks/granny did it. SO UMPPH!!

The colour maybe fiery red but its not chilli or spicy. I noticed the gizzards are fried with garlic skins (petua? secret ingredient? so not only westerners cooked with garlic skins but locals too! For me, I happily embraced that because peeling garlic especially if tons of kilos is no easy task..L>A>z>y.. hhehe!)

Two years ago and now, the taste is still as yummy! The fried chicken is crispy on the outside and yet juicy on the inside. The flavour is not like typical KFC marination but more of malay soices marination. Can taste the flavour of all the tumeric, lemon grass, ginger and all that stuff. Love it!

I often eat chinese version of white chicken rice because I am very choosy when it comes to roasted /fried chicken. I dont really like chinese fried chicken rice unless the skin is crispy or the flavours is delicious even so sometimes too crispy till the meat is dry aint my cup of tea either.So to play safe, I choose juicy tender white chicken rice (which seldom fails me unless the chicken is bloody red ..eee-yew!)

If u have read my last years post, my favourite Malay chicken rice was at Seah Imm hawker centre but I think they are beaten hands down by this stall…(eh I think both chicken rice stalls are manned by MEN.Hmm…)

And third on the list is the ZILAN chicken rice at hougang ave 8.


and second on the list is….


ps.:Eh, I noticed some fresh tahu sumbat (beancurd stuffed with vegetables) at the display glass panel, it looked yummy too!! Perhaps its tahu goreng, maybe one day will try insya-Allah.

And the next door stall sells nasi padang with yummy asam pedas (Asam fish) , ayam masak merah (red chicken sambal) and somewhat a fried flat dough fritters (dip in chicken rice chilli, yum!), I think they sell mee siam and malay breakfast food…Some of their nasi padang dishes are ready by 11.00am.

The red chicken plus fried tempeh (fermented bean) plus fried dough fritter. $3.50+$2 of sambal sotong (last minute, the sambal sotong was ready, so I just order extra!)

A question:

Do u know where the HDB Bt Merah Malay chicken rice disappeared to? (I think perhaps 10 years ago..that was the one time I tasted their food) Their chicken was like fried chicken chop/cutlet ,thigh section and it was crispy on the outside and yet juicy and the rice and chilli sauce are just nice. One of the best malay chicken rice I’ve ever tasted that time…where did it go? Hmm…

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