At last I found SATAY BEE HOON!

Vivocity (Harbourfront NEL train station)
Basement level

Went to Vivocity recently and felt a pang of hunger during lunch. A bit lazy too walk to Seah Imm Hawker centre, I settled for Vivocity Banquet foodcourt instead.I don’t really know what to eat there.

Then my eyes caught something UNIQUE. I had been craving for SATAY bee hoon when I saw pictures and so try to find for it but no results so end up, I create my own SATAY BEE HOON (heheh!):


Anyway, this satay bee hoon cost about $3.50. Tasted like mild peanut butter+plus mee rebus +laksa =SATAY BEE HOON.

(psst..there is another satay bee hoon at fork and spoon HDB toa Payoh, the peanut gravy is more toasted and u can smell it “char” (like that) , a bit tasteless but ok)


There were cockles, cuttlefish, fish cake slices, and beancurd skin. Taste alright but if u add some sambal from the stall, more KICK!
I am satisfied that I have tried this.

Their egg and tuna sandwiches is not bad.Photobucket As for the white chicken rice, did not get to taste it, GONE in 60 seconds!(the kids r hungry hee!)

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just in case, u want to peek at the next door chicken rice shop stall:

p.s: Still figuring out the image size….bear with me, k?

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