Tang Tea house (revisited)

Tang Tea House
357 Bedok Road (Near simpang bedok)
Tel: 6445 9100
(close till late night/morning)

Upon recommendations given by fellow readers (thks VEE and anonymous!), we tried the dim sum at Tang tea house (near Simpang bedok)

Unsure what to order, asked the waitress to recommend, She recommended 4 types of dim sum: Harkow (prawn dumplings) -the shrimp is big and juicy!, the siew mai is nice, and they also have Xiao long baos (soupy steamed buns)!! YIPEE!!

Harkow -prawn dumplings
Xiao long bao -Soupy steamed buns (inside there is soup, really! With chicken meat)
The art of eating this buns, is by biting the top part off and sip the soup from there and then u can munch on the buns. Or else the soup will “leak”….
Siew mai with thick fillings
Chicken ngoh hiang with sweet sour sauce
And the last one, I think its chicken ngoh hiang and has a sweet and sour sauce splashed over it..also yummy, love the sweet sour sauce! The only thing that I dont like is the chilli sauce that came with all the dim sum. The chilli sauce tasted like from bottled sauce in the supermarket. Dont really go well with the dim sum. In fact no need sauce, they are good on its own.

This is the second eatery that has Xiao long baos (the first is at Ah Mei cafe at prinsep st). The fillings and soup is nice but the skin is a tiny bit thicker than the Ah-mei’s cafe.

And not forgetting Don Sadus’s (a regular reader of this blog, I wonder why he has gone silent?hmm..) recommendation of their steamed fish (no msg taste)..Was told that the fresh seabass was from Hong Kong (hmm..either I heard wrongly or she meant it’s cooked in Hongkong style) only $17 for 2 people..Fresh and nice when I ta-pow it home… so it would be even better if u dine in : fresh , hot and piping !!

And not forgetting its nice roasted chicken rice (I like the crispy skin!)with fiery hot chilli sauce….

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Xiao long baos @ Ah Mei cafe:
(I love their all their buns/baos especially chicken buns, freshly made)

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