Simpang Renggam Raya cookies

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Perusahaan Zainab (Zainab industry)
No.1 Kompleks IKS
Taman Perindustrian Simpang Renggam
Fasa 2, Jalan Benut
86200 Simpang Renggam ,Johor

tel:/fax: 07-7550453
hp: 013-7654453/013-7605258

Last Sunday, there was an article about cheap but good homemade Raya cookies in Berita Minggu. (Malay newspaper) Luckily, I was in that vicinity and so I drop by to take a look!

First time , I was there I went to the wrong shop. U must go to the utmost left hand side shop. I went to the right one (beside the real thing) and I found that its more pricey. But I did buy one box of chocolate “sparkling stars” RM17 from there (it looked very yummy for my kid and me!) And when I break fast, they sure taste as yummy as it looked! My kid “wallop” almost half (i got worried that there isnt any left for me..hehe!)

Sparkling stars- thick chocolatey biscuits (if u notice some stars are missing, that was because they were eaten by someone heheh!)

The journey was about an hour or more drive (near Pontian/Benut) Driving directions are simple -Once u exit to Simpang Renggam, just follow the signboard to SImpang Renggam and then later u will see lots of signboard indicating “Industri kecil & Sederhana” (IKS, small factory/industry). Then u will notice many brownish similar buildings. Go to the one which has many white tents (like the bazaar tents). Easy to spot, no problem! (Or u can follow those SG cars…heheh!)

I took many tart gulung (pineapple rolls) because it looked neat , cute, so handmade-looking and its cheap! I think its about RM13. The other typical original pineapple tart cost about RM23 per bottle, very popular! Still have not tried them yet, so sayang…to open them..heheh! (The cookies were very cheap, in fact cheaper than any cookies I’ve seen in JB or anywhere else! (but then again, I had not been to many places hehe!)

p.s: Did not buy much, family not here this Raya, so no Raya for me……

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2 thoughts on “Simpang Renggam Raya cookies”

  1. Hi Putri

    can kasi direction to this place or any GPS coordinates. Is this near to Azhar Food Supplier @ Rengit?

    Exit Simpang Renggam from the NS Highway ?>> Turn Left then ???


  2. Hi im from philippines and would like to visit k shoppe. Im going to stay at johor bahru my hotel will be near aeon mall. How far is it from there? Is there a public transportation that i can ride to get there? How far is the travel period?
    Im going to visit malaysia this oct 2013.

    Hope u may help me coz i really love cookies and i love ur post and ur blog. Thank u in advance.

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