Nasi Briyani ayam masak merah

Often, in Briyani stalls, u will notice, there are curry chicken, curry mutton, fried chicken and fish but seldom, u can get ayam masak merah (chicken cooked in red gravy/tomato plus chilli)The only place I can get that combination is by going to Malay weddings.

But during Ramadhan, there is no lack of ayam masak merah. Especially the coming of Raya, there will be lots of Ayam masak merah (goody!)

Anyway, This place sell nasi briyani with the red chicken (everyday even on o non-Ramadhan days). I ordered murtabak but was intrigued at a nearby customer’s order. I saw this dark brownish red thick gravy poured over nasi briyani. Not knowing what it is, I assumed and ordered nasi briyani with fried chicken, I thought that was curry gravy. Luckily, my partner’s sharp eyes saw those “ayam merah” and we tapow home. BOy, it was different than typical Malay ayam masak merah but it was good to eat with the briyani. Hmm, now I know where to find them when I crave for those RED spicy chicken..YUM!

Next stop, where do u think, I get this briyani?
(Hint: It is famous in fried chicken nasi briyani near hyderabadi restaurant)

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