Kota Raya Bazaar

Near Putri Pacific Hotel, there is a mini Ramadhan bazaar there. There is also a buffet iftar cost about RM28 each person (I think).Oh by the way, if ever u were there, I think the buffet is at Singgah selalu restaurant, dont forget to try its ice-blended drinks. Big and yumm especially the Mango one!Also for the buffet, there are many food!

Anyway after that, u can walk a bit to the Kota Raya , to take a look at the colourful Raya costumes and yummy looking cookies and cakes. Of course, its so convenient that u can pray terawikh there too (there is An-Nur mosque in the vicinity.

And of course , try the famous Kluang station coffee there!!

p.s: At the highest level of Kota raya, there is a songkok shop where they can custom made a songkok for u! U can have it as thick or as high as u want! (So look out ladies! Men’s new heels are the “songkoks”…)

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