Jack Link’s beef jerky….

So, previously , someone asked me how I know Jack links beef jerky is HALAL? And I answered that there is a HALAL logo. But if u find the HALAL logo suspicious looking or u are not convinced, u can refer here:

(I cannot insert the actualy hyperlink here. So click on search HALAL directory and select business type as “Manufacturer” and then click “Search”, u will see:)
Jack Link’s NZ Ltd
159 Montgomerie Road
tel: 09 275 3711
This is the best I can do to answer ur queries….but again its up to u, ur body ur responsibility, rite? hmm…
fyi-I took the shot at Mustafa centre

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6 thoughts on “Jack Link’s beef jerky….”

  1. Hey! 🙂
    You should try out nasi ayam madu at yishun.Love it to the core! It’s at chong pang. If I’m not wrong the stall name has helang emas written sumhwhere. And apparently they are now selling their normal nasi ayam at a low price of $2 during the ramadhan month.

  2. Anonymous-Oops, I think I missed out on ur comment.I was searching for beef jerky which brought me to ur precious comment.Honey chicken rice? hmm, I like the sound of that! Yishun, chongpang..hmm, insya-Allah will try, k? Thanks for sharing!

  3. hi putri..i went down to my compass pt last fri..1st time pegi sana…saw the directory board..curry-san (hala) but when i went to the place couldnt find the halal logo..nak tanye but kedai dah tutup :p..do u hav any idea if its halal?

  4. Hi Anonymous! Did ask my “makan-spy” (thanks Bella!) to check it out but its not HALAL. No cert is being displayed for now.No chance of asking the staff…if I drop in, I will ask them, insya-Allah.Thanks for the info!

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