Is this the end of the road…?NO more blog?


I’ve just realised that I’m reaching the space limit (1024MB) for pictures/images (that Blogger has set). If exceeded, I cannot blog (because I need yummilicious pictures!!) anymore…

Hmm….what should I do?!! Any ideas? Or is this the end of PB?

(Current update: Used up 95%, left 5% more to go…)

p.s: Probably, got to “close shop” for good…. probably not…

updated 29/9/08: Hey thanks! For the fast and helpful responses…

I’ve used photo bucket before (in the very beginning) but at times, there will be glitches and slow loading of pics..hmm…sometimes, no pics are shown at all…

I know I need to delete some photos …. perhaps, I can try other hosts e.g flickr or…

Or I can set up another blog , wordpress…or? Yikes! Then I will have 2 different blogs!

I need to do some “research” on this..meanwhile, I will continue taking food pics and stuff them in my hard drive…heheh!

So enjoy ur last remaining Ramadhan day… and welcome Syawal with open arms and pockets..hehhee! (Eh, i just remembered , there is this Uncle who will put few $50/$100 ang pows among his many angpows ;$2,$5,$10 then whichever kid that came to his house might get that chance of getting that $50/$100! (like lucky draw)..wah! I also want…

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4 thoughts on “Is this the end of the road…?NO more blog?”

  1. salaam,

    maybe u can do like what most bloggers do, link their photos from other hosts. most popular are photobucket and flickr.

    personally i prefer flickr for they adjust ur photo settings to make it look really good.

    i dun really like hosting my pics from blogger itself.

  2. do u upload straight using blogger or use a host? if its the former then u can try uploading to photobucket then upload to blogger.

    hope it was useful =D

  3. hi putri

    you could try to register with flickr (its free) and upload your pics in there and just link to your blog.

    im loving your blog, i just discovered you and i wouldn't want you to just … stop.

    so i hope my suggestion helps you. hoping for more food posts.

    selamat hari raya!


  4. try having two photobucket accounts (using different email addresses – just create another one) not sure whether u want to publish this 😛

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