Have u eaten burung wak-wak?

An acquaintance buzzed me with this question. I was like what is that? Wak-wak?

He said that it is similar to free-range chicken but its meat is reddish in colour. It’s tough to catch it. But its meat is vavaliciously good! Even better than quail’s meat (burung puyuh-that is the rumour) And it’s nick is “burung/ayam bunian”.Err, how do I explain this? Bunian is the word to describe the child of humans and genies combined. So the chicken is from them…YIKES? Weird right? Tough to believe too.. …

I did some research, its name is actually white-breasted water hen.

To see its pic:

So aside for the quail meat which is popular in the bazaars now, have u happen to see burung wak-wak meat? Anyone with experience, please share…

So if u want to read more abbout this mystic bird,
(both in malay)
Fact or fiction? u decide…

This person cooks it in lemak cili padi campur rebung (spicy coconut gravy with bamboo shoots)

After watching the celebrity’s recipe of Burung puyuh goreng berempah on Suria, (Quail’s meat fried in spices) Suddenly the craving for quail’s meat kicks in….as for wak-wak, I think before or if ever I have the chance, I need to read extra doa /supplication to eat it….

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1 thought on “Have u eaten burung wak-wak?”

  1. Yes i have eaten burung wak-wak, my neighbour in JB went for hunting in the jungle and managed to get a few and had the best tasting rendang ever…sedap!
    You can actually get in JB market in Larkin… i saw it long time ago…. try ur luck..

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