Hanis Cafe and Bakery
(check in Hall/level 1)
Budget terminal
wi-fi hotspot
(those living nearby, u can iftar and sahur there too!)

I’ve been eyeing HANS for a very long time especially the one at National Library branch. Their food seems yummy. Those chicken chop…mmmm..looks so appetizing!

Now since they have a HALAL version of HANs, called HANIS, I decided to visit them.

When I reached budget terminal, I felt like I’m in Tanah merah ferry terminal. Like Dejavu…similar concept.

Not knowing what to order from the vast menu (I loved the way they displayed their menu just like the airport displaying the flights!) I ordered Turkey fillet with cranberry sauce. Ordered chicken chop and blueberry crumbly pie. They got lots of varieties from cakes to pasta to fish and chips, steak and even local flavour like chicken curry . They also have cold menu like sandwiches, salad…

(haha! Sorry still got this “glitches” with my pics so u need to (“telengkan” kepalatuh ) turn ur head to the sides till i rectify the problem)

The 2 main course came with free soup plus 1 garlic toast, plus 1 banana cake slice and 1 drink. I chose orange juice and ice lemon tea.

I like the chicken chop, not bad (u can choose black pepper or mushroom sauce) but a bit costly for that price but then again with the freebies of toast, soup and stuff…hmm, I rather they add more chicken chop than give me that extras….

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce (wait for 5-10mins) .The potato wedges were surprisingly light and crunchy.

Turkey fillet with steamed vegetables and cranberry sauce
Crumbly blueberry pie is nice…

The drinks tasted errr…. a bit diluted, don’t expect freshly squeezed orange juice.

Overall the food is ok. The appetizers that came with it tasted like canteen food.Hmm, perhaps my expectation is too high….Maybe, their pasta is a better choice or their sandwiches? Hmm…. But whatever it is, I felt something missing …tummy is full but it lack some sort of satisfaction.

Eh, where is my receipt? Anyway, the food cost about $10.80 each, I’m on budget in budget terminal heheh! The pie cost about $2 , I think.

But if u felt like tasting turkey with cranberry sauce (like jam), by all means try it! But I will give it one more try perhaps at a different branch, Simei …?

Hanis Cafe and bakery
Simei East point mall

p.s: there is a playground nearby so for those with active kids, u can let them roam freely at the playground while u eat and dine and keep a watchful eye on them….

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