Halal or not?

Previously, my friend and I went to Sembawang Sun Plaza, we passed by a bakery shop with HALAL logo/cert ….

Ok, for those still unsure whether they are HALAL, u can check out their website:

or u can email personally to (if u wonder why their sun plaza branch is not listed in the website):

or still ???:
email MUIS… (the best!!)

Whatever it is, just ensure that there is a HALAL certificate in any food eatery/bakery/restaurant/place that I feature in this blog , if not, always asked the staff. (Thank u for ur concern.)

If felt uneasy/”was2″, best not to patronize….

p.s: As for beef Jerky Jack Link’s , I’ve done my research on this last year but I forgot where I retrieve the info, anyway there is HALAL logo on each and every packages. Even their website state that they are HALAL. Furthermore, we can get them at Mustafa and Mustafa state that their products are 100% HALAL or u can email the HALAL certification company/authorization/organisation for more info…thank you for ur concern.

Sorry, I’m not feeling well rite now, if I am, I would have gone back and took pics of the HALAL cert and Jack Link’s products Halal logo…

Always, read this 1st before reading my blog:

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