Earle Swensen's Restaurant

Earle Swensen’s Restaurant
Vivocity (2nd floor beside Fig and Olive)

Anyway, eversince I saw a glimpse of their servings, I had been having sleepless nights (hehe!) so here I am!

If u felt like chit-chatting with ur friends and munch on healthy snacks, then the salad bar buffet would be sufficient. For only $11.90, u can get free-flow of vegetables, salads, fruits, crackers (tortilla my fav!, wantan skin..). But if they add onion rings, potatos skins or wedges like some other restaurant that I’ve heard, that would be GREAT! (hehhe! on budget..)Anyway, I love tortilla chips but the cheese dip is not NACHO cheese..so not so UMMMPH! but ok..)

Order 2 main meal (included is salad bar buffet and 1 drink) and a kiddie meal (included one drink ).

Surf and turf (small steak and grilled prawns with healthy rice plus glutinuous black beans)

Prime Rib (recommended in the menu)-nice…the vege tasted like taugeh, I’m not sure whether it’s alfalfa sprouts. Baked potato is ok.

Both main course cost about $26-$27 (big servings, can share with kids)Kiddie meal (fish and chip) cost about $6.80.(taste is average) I like the tender prime rib steak and the grilled prawns.

Overall, the ambience felt high-class but the waitress/waiters should be a bit more classy and more service oriented and more friendly (the missing touch). Anyway, if u chose the right seats, u can get nice view while having ur meal. Waiting time for main course meal is quite fast, after I load my bowl with the salad bar, the main course came and suddenly, I have too much to eat. Best is to wait for main course and then eat the salad bar. (hehe!I shared with my partner though we are not allowed to do so but both of us had the free salad bar, so should be ok)

Another branch is located at Changi Airport terminal 3 (10.30am-10.30pm)

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2 thoughts on “Earle Swensen's Restaurant”

  1. hey i am a fan of your blog because of the extensive collection of halal places you rate in singapore. i find it very useful especially on ocassions when im out of ideas on where to go to celebrate an event.

    kudos and keep up the good job.

    btw, have you heard of a kind of cuisine called the Brazilian Churrascarria? I wonder if they have Halal ones in Singapore. I've seen a non-halal outlet at Vivo….

  2. Yeah, I heard of that! Being a meat lover myself, I was searching for the HALAL similar concept restaurants as that Brazilian one in Malaysia. Will inform, once I have found one!Thanks for visiting!

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