Creative bakery HALAL?

SO is it HALAL?

Updated 29/9/08 (I’ve just check my massive mailbox), read on:
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Hi Putri Yes is our retail outlet. Catering and cake are all halal certified.

Original Message :
Hi there! I want to check with you whether Creative bakery at sun plaza basement is related to your company. If it is so, why isnt it listed under contact us? And is it HALAL-certified too? My friends and I wanted more confirmation before we go on “shopping spree” for cakes and bread.. Thank you so much. Need ur reply asap. I’m doing a review on ur bakery on the net.


Previously, my friend and I went to Sembawang Sun Plaza, we went by a bakery shop and I commented on those “yummy-looking” durian strudels…

Unsure 100% whether they are HALAL? Read below…

One reader of this blog (thank u so much Org Sembawang!) had done his/her research and gave us some answers…

I found out that ..the “halal” certified is only for their Catering and their make to order cakes.

They have only a paper cert from Muis ..that explain that their make to orders cakes & catering food is from MUIS halal certified Kitchen.

didnt see the normal Halal by Muis cert. for the shop .

therefor .. Their bread , buns and swiss rolls cakes..etc etc.. that they baked in the shop kitchen & sold in the shop… are not Halal i think..i felt so uneasy lah .Hopefully will get better info on this .”

So thank you for clearing that up for us…Jazakallahu Khair

So anyone wants to help me out to check out for some HALAL answers, feel free to do so….but remember, whatever eatery/bakery/stalls featured or mentioned here, always ensure that there is a correct authentic HALAL certificate displayed, before u eat, ok?

Thank you once again to everyone who helped me in double checking the HALAL authenticity and informing this flogger. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming but with all ur gets easier…Thank u…

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