Chilli crabs @ stall no. 31 in Newton Food Centre

Okay, I just cannot stop blogging,its in my genes…hehhe!

Okay, my last post…

Newton Map-

Remember the time when I accidentally eavesdrop on a stranger’s conversation and found out about this place?

So before I ordered, I scrutinise the place first. It was about 3+pm. Well, forget about the no pork, no lard signage. They do have a halal-certificate displayed. At first, I did not notice the certificate and asked the man where is the HALAL cert? It suddenly became awkward as though I was the HALAL certification officer. They answered my questions faithfully.heheh!

I tapow it home. The wait was about 15mins. Well, it was worth trying! It was yum, yum…. especially with their soft buttery buns (I did not buy, I can only imagine). I like the thick gravy. There is a certain sweetness in the gravy but the crabs have a slight saltishness.

Now I wonder how my favourite Chai chee chilli crab would fare alongside with this chilli crab?Hmm, had not been there….for quite some time, i think i need to revisit to rejuvenate those chilli crab memories…
(still known as Chai chee seafood)

SO dear readers, if u want to go somewhere to have a YUMMY meal, be sure to read your thoughts out ALOUD, who knows I might be passing by you …and have ur “loud” thoughts here in my blog…hehhe!

p.s: Oh by the way, 1 crab is about $28..(standard price in Newton about $30+ per crab) and 1 lobster about $60….

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4 thoughts on “Chilli crabs @ stall no. 31 in Newton Food Centre”

  1. Thank you for recommending the place. My friend & I recently went there and it was yum,yum,yum!!! I like the buns – fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside! It goes well with the chili crab..

    We ordered the crayfish too! That was delicious too!

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Putri

    I love you blog. Can you please give me the address to 31 Newton so that I can locate the place by using google map.

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