Cavana @Sembawang Sun Plaza

Sun Plaza (Sembawang MRT)
Level 1

Lemon chicken rice

Honey Grilled Chicken

Tofu in teriyaki

Verdict: The food is ok. I think its a bit costly and its nothing to shout about. I like the hot piping tofu in teriyaki sauce (was recommended the sambal version but my kids are with me).They also have a mini GOGO franks counter (perhaps they are of same company)

And dont forget to try Ananas cafe (@ Sembawang MRT), their nasi lemak is only $2!!And one of their mee goreng is nice,also $2 !!

p.s: Eh, the bakery at basement level HALAL or not? (Sorry..)

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4 thoughts on “Cavana @Sembawang Sun Plaza”

  1. refering to your post " Halal bakery "at Sun Plaza basement …

    setahu I yang dah selalu pergi sun plaza setiap hari.. That " Creative Bake cake shop " ..tak de Halal cert .. tau .

  2. Hey! not sure if you know of this already… Both Cavana @ Paya Lebar and Marina Square has closed done already! The Marina Square branch has been replaced by a Chinese restaurant. Not sure what has happened… but I'm here to inform u just in case u crave for it but can't find it from both PL and Marina Square 😉

  3. I found out that ..the "halal" certified is only for their Catering and their make to order cakes.

    They have only a paper cert from Muis ..that explain that their make to orders cakes & catering food is from MUIS halal certified Kitchen.

    didnt see the normal Halal by Muis cert. for the shop .

    therefor .. Their bread , buns and swiss rolls cakes..etc etc.. that they baked in the shop kitchen & sold in the shop… are not Halal i think..i felt so uneasy lah .Hopefully will get better info on this .

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