Botak Jones owner, muslim malay or…?

Just read yesterday Straits times. I was surprised that the real owner is a malay lady and ang- moh hubby. Shown photos of their marriage in Malay wedding.

Just before u get ur hopes high, Botak jones is Not HALAL. They use pork casing for their sausages…

Anyway, some did write in to ask whether they intend to get a HALAL certification, I did that research last year…read on..

So don’t come rushing to the restaurant right after u read the newspaper…..

Wait…for the HALAL certification ….(I’m not sure whether they intend to do so)

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6 thoughts on “Botak Jones owner, muslim malay or…?”

  1. yeah…i read that too in life section.was getting my hopes high but went to their website and saw that same msg u posted the link to…hmm but i doubt so that they are going halal unless they changed their minds. =/ they have been established for quite awhile now. oh well…

  2. Not only pork but they sell beer also..Go and take a look at their stall in bedok. Surprisingly alot of muslim malays went there to eat coz if not mistaken one of the cook is a malay man..buat malu kaum sendiri aje

  3. yes was quite surprised that the owner is angmoh muslim, the VP is malay muslim, and many of their workers are malays too.

    just have to wait i guess. at least there’s still charcos!

  4. erkkk.. i got my hopes high and almost go there.. planning to have dinner at botak jones.. luckily i google it out ferst.. haizzz.. sad la.. 😛

  5. Maybe she’s a Malay Christian? I know a few of those. For me, the people who are at the core of this misconception about BJ being halal is the stereotyping that all Muslims are Malay and all Malays are Muslims that some people have. Because of that, many people would assume that the stall is Halal because there is a Malay cook (according to one comment here) and because a decent number of Malay MUSLIMS go there to eat. Of course, if the owners really are Muslim, then they have Judgement Day to think about because they sell pork and alcohol. They’re not alone, though. The Coriander Leaf lady says she’s Muslim but she opened a restaurant not too recently that serves pork.

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