Bazaar surfing….

I had no chance of visiting the bazaars yet, so let my fingers do the bazaar surfing!

Are u with me?

Come let’s check out MALAYSIA RAMADHAN BAZAAR!!(Without having to leave ur home)
Ok, ready.. get set, let’s GO!(dont forget to bring a drool bucket along!)

1)Bangsar Bazaar (My fav blog!)
2)Taman Tun Dr Ismail
3) Kg Baru Bazaar
4)Kelana Jaya Bazaar
5) Kg Melayu
6)Langkawi bazaar
7)Taman Greenwood (dont forget to scroll down and look under similar cravings for more bazaars!)
8)Brunei Bazaar
9)Taman Melawati 2007 (Dont forget to go thru other ramadhan bazaars on the left for 2007!
Fav blog!)
10) Eating out in KL :
11)Ramadhan food :
12)The star on bazaar:
More petaling jaya bazaars list:

Dare to eat Nasi paku? (Nail rice) . How ’bout having it with air halia telur puyuh ?(ginger juice with quail eggs)

Ok, for those craving to get to the nearest Malaysia Bazaars, check this out, map is provided too!! (thks to Johor Bahru Food Club!)
1)Larkin stadium
2)Larkin Mall bazaar
3)Taman LArkin Jaya
4)Taman Suria
5)JB 2005 bazaar
6)Simpang Renggam JB bazaar

ASTRO Artis/performance at Kota Tinggi Jb bazaar 13sept (saturday) and Kluang johor (15 sept/monday) 3-6pm

Singapore Bazaar
1)Arab st

p.s: Yahfiq, the Kota tinggi bazaar that u went, any yummy photos to share?

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3 thoughts on “Bazaar surfing….”

  1. we went to Kota Tinggi food bazaar last Sat.. so much food and everyting is so cheappp.. the murtabak rm$2, very very syiok!!.. nasi ambeng, ayam percik, nasi ayam, mee goreng, air kathira, etc2.. sumer sodap2, btr than S'pore.. u can bring canvas and then berbuka kat padang near to the bridge, cam piknik.. sayangnya we didn't manage to snap any pix.. too hungry lah.. hahaha..

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