Any HALAL Brazilian Churrascaria restaurants ?

Note: For serious meat lovers only!

A reader asked me this question. I wasn’t able to find any in Singapore. So I “seek refuge” in Malaysia and this is what I get:

Want to see pics?
4) (how come there is bring ur own wine nite?hmm)
6) (mineral water warning!!

So if u know of any Brazilian Churrascaria Restaurant that is HALAL in Singapore or Malaysia or even Indonesia, please inform urs truly, (Thks!)

Let’s bring out the carnivourous side of you! Grrrrowlllll….heehhe!

But then as I surf further, I found out that…
(are these HALAL-certified? Anyone?Malaysians?)

p.s: If u still have no idea what this is all about? Ask Wiki…

A reader ask me whether Melleo’s Place is HALAL because many malays/muslim patronise that place..hmmm, I have no answer for that at the moment. But I know it is a healthy vegetarian place ,so perhaps if they are 100% vegetarian and they do not serve wine/have any alcohol content (e.g rice wine, champagne, wine …)in their ingredients, then perhaps… but do ur own research first before consuming…

take a look at their menu:

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