Another favourite porridge!

Fork and Spoon (Square 2 beside Novena Square)

Recently I was stationed in this area so I frequent this stall for porridge. Porridge is good expecially when u have been skipping ur meals, its easily absorbed by the body and I felt good eating it…slowly.

I like the chicken porridge (juicy white chicken meat is separately served)-$3.50 plus gizzard/chicken liver ($0.50 extra).

The char siew chicken rice is one of the best that I’ve tasted (i like the charred bits at the edges and the egg is extra $0.50). The chicken rice is ok. I prefer the juicy white chicken meat (on porridge)! For added spicyness, add the chicken rice’s chilli sauce in the porridge!

Chicken rice ($3.50)

p.s: Not all stalls are HALAL-certified. Eh, I saw the Japanese counter has a beef noodles and it’s HALAL. hmm, I wonder how the beef noodles tasted like?! hmm…

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And basement 2 (i think) has the famous boon lay nasi lemak counter…I took a peek, its like a mini counter…

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