Month: September 2008

Chilli crabs @ stall no. 31 in Newton Food Centre

Okay, I just cannot stop blogging,its in my genes…hehhe! Okay, my last post… Newton Map- Remember the time when I accidentally eavesdrop on a stranger’s conversation and found out about this place? So before I ordered, I scrutinise the place first. It was about 3+pm. Well, forget about the no pork, no lard signage. …

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Hey, want to look good this Raya?

I love this show! They teach u on how to care for urself using natural products (e.g the things we have in our kitchen). No need expensive products…. Still got time…. one day more to Raya! SO start ur own “home spa” now! Ok… men can join in too!

Is this the end of the road…?NO more blog?

Help!!I’ve just realised that I’m reaching the space limit (1024MB) for pictures/images (that Blogger has set). If exceeded, I cannot blog (because I need yummilicious pictures!!) anymore…Hmm….what should I do?!! Any ideas? Or is this the end of PB?(Current update: Used up 95%, left 5% more to go…)p.s: Probably, got to “close shop” for good…. …

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Kota Raya Bazaar

Near Putri Pacific Hotel, there is a mini Ramadhan bazaar there. There is also a buffet iftar cost about RM28 each person (I think).Oh by the way, if ever u were there, I think the buffet is at Singgah selalu restaurant, dont forget to try its ice-blended drinks. Big and yumm especially the Mango one!Also …

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Puteri Pacific Hotel Johor, Malaysia

Puteri Pacific HotelJalan Abdullah IbrahimThe KotarayaPO Box 29380730Johor Bahru,MalaysiaReservation:1800-888-533Telephone :607 219 9999Fax:607 219 9998E-mail :info@puteripacific.com Which hotel do you think Putri loves to stay in JB? Puteri Pacific of course! (note the resemblance in my name and the hotel’s name)–> Putri=Puteri=princess) I’ve always liked to take time off and come here for a short getaway. …

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