Why isnt the HALAL chinese food taste as good?

There was a commotion whenever my non-Muslim friends ate together with us. We like to compare notes as where is the best food and so forth.

But one thing I realised is that, from my friends’ perception especially the Chinese. They are very fussy eaters (This is a compliment) This is because I realised that Chinese cooks, chefs or even those hawker centre vendors has been pampering them with the BEST and the FRESHEST ingredients.I always marvel at the way the Chinese cook (not that I’m insinuating that other races are not that particular. There is no discrimination here. Just my kepo-ness in watching them work)

Thus, their tastebuds had been sharpened to distinguish the best.

I realised that Chinese took great care in preparing their food. From the very basics to the main items. Everything is about FRESH, fresh and more freshness. That is why sometimes, I rather go to Chinese HALAL seafood. (But again, no discrimination, just preferences)

So whenever I bring my friends to Chinese food with HALAL certificate displayed, my mind will worry. Because from their tastebuds, it might not be as good as expected. But for Malay , Indian, and other asian food is of no problem.

I wonder why till one of them said…”Hey it could have been the missing “lard” or perhaps….the non-HALAL ingredients like rice wine, sherry or perhaps, perhaps….the list can go on..

But anyway, I am glad that my friends always keep an open mind when tasting HALAL chinese food.Though it may not satisfy them like their normal Chinese fare but somehow, we had a great fun time enjoying a wonderful dinner together irregardless of race or religion.

So for those chinese “muallaf” (Islam newbie) and non-muslims, don’t compare HALAL chinese food with the REAL chinese food that u are used to, its tough…..they lacked in many ingredients. Just appreciate them as it is. Best is to keep an open mind.

p.s: This topic came about when there were a dispute about tasting Chinese food. I have found that some non-muslim chinese wasn’t as impressed with some HALAL chinese food and brought the matter to me.

This also refers to sushi. Sushi needs mirin (contains alcohol). But for HALAL sushi, they need to find a substitute for that e.g apple cider, artificial vinegar and so on. Thus that acts as a substitute only and might not replace the actual flavour of mirin. So the HALAL sushi might not even taste like sushi maybe not even close to the real sushi… so dont compare….Hope u understand what I’m trying to say….

As for me, I have no qualms..I just have basic simple criteria. If it tasted good…I will snap a pic of it…My job is to introduce the various HALAL food that can be found in the region, the rest is up to u to decide….


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