Where is the best laksa?

I was craving for laksa recently. My favourite has always been Toa Payoh fork n spoon foodcourt. But on my last trip (after lunch hours), the laksa was’nt as good, a bit diluted, so I need to search for more. (tip: But if u want to try this laksa, always come in the morning about 10am. It tasted best during that time.)

… so I’m looking for more Halal laksa with/without cockles. Any ideas?

U can also suggest laksa siglap or malay laksa.. All Laksas are welcome!

p.s: As someone suggested…and I also want to know…”Is there any Halal Katong Laksa?” 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Where is the best laksa?”

  1. the laksa at Jurong Point’s banquet is good(:
    and the YTF laksa from Bagus by Banquet.

    btw.. is Katong Laksa halal?


  2. Can try the laksa at Banquet Causeway Point.Me and my hubby always have their Laksa when we crave for them after work!It’s yummy lah..I do not know the stall name but it is beside the stall selling Korean food 😀

  3. Assalamualaikum 🙂
    my fav laksa(s)would be at
    Qiji @ Shaw tower outlet
    Banquet @ Greenridge
    Cafe Red Ginger @ IMM


  4. thiraonthenet™

    u can try this laksa over at pasar geylang.. laksa siglap or smth.. the queue’s always long in the morning but to me its yummy..

    anyway, with reference to one of your old posts regarding dallas chicken or smth, my bf and i tried to look for it but we cudnt find it.. 🙁
    where is it exactly…?

    sorry for going out of topic, from laksa to fried chicken.. =)

  5. Laksa from Istanbul at Eastpoint mall, is good.
    its not like ur normal laksa which has cockles..instead theres chicken and the gravy is abit different. the serving size of the meal is good too..only $3 its worth the money! u shd try it.

  6. Kedai kopi lama behind Bedok Stadium(can’t remember d name suddenly)…..Kuah Laksa Dia sedap!!! Normally have it for breakfast…if weekend or public holiday, pagi2 dah habis!!!

  7. Ooh.. there is this small shop at raffles place.. Mirana.. it’s at Chevron House (Basement). I’ve never ever tasted Laksa that good. Not even from Qiji. The Laksa is actually spicy!!! SO so delicious.

  8. u can try laksa siglap at this foodstall named Selera Menanti at the Marsiling Market.. Its exactly behind the wet market area.. Pretty Awesome!!

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